Chapter 1. Example Application

Chapter 1. Example Application

We will create an Excel application for a simple database that contains several tables, a view, and a procedure:

Sample database of an Excel application


The database objects belong to the dbo67 schema.

The tables have the following relations:

Foreign keys of the Payments table

We have three master tables and the dbo67.Payments table with foreign keys.

The dbo67.viewPayments view and dbo67.uspPayments stored procedure select data from the Payments table.

You can find a complete source code with comments and download links in Appendix A.

Every chapter shows standard SaveToDB features and configuration steps.

Also, it shows VBA codes that can use the described features.

In the downloaded package, you can find a final application that contains complete source codes.

The payments.xlsm workbook contains a single worksheet and creates other sheets using VBA.

Here is the main page:

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