Chapter 10. Table Format Wizard

Chapter 10. Table Format Wizard

We have formatted tables and added views in the previous steps in the payments.xlsx workbook.

If a user connects to a database from a new workbook, he will have Excel defaults.

We can fix this publishing table formats and views to a database using Table Format Wizard.

Let's format the Sum column, set default column widths, apply the default table view and run the wizard:

Table Format Wizard

In the wizard, select all tables and click the Save in Database button:

Table Format Wizard Dialog Box

The wizard saves formats and changes its state:

Table Format Wizard - Saved formats

Now, users will get the same formats, views, and formulas of the tables when they connect to a database.

Use the wizard to republish new views later.

Users can use the Restore from Database button to reload the updated views.

SaveToDB 7.2 has no methods to manage formats using VBA. You can do this using the wizard only.