Chapter 13. Configuring Stored Procedures

Chapter 13. Configuring Stored Procedures

Let's select the Payments (sp) object in the Query List, a shorter way of Data Connection Wizard.

Sample of a stored procedure froma table with foreign keys

We see the same points as for the view in the previous chapter:

  • Foreign key values instead of names in columns and ribbon parameters;
  • AccountID, CompanyID, and ItemID in columns and ribbon parameters;
  • Unformatted table;
  • No predefined table views.


  1. The ribbon parameters have no value lists.
  2. We can't save the changes.

We already know the way to solve the first group issues.

Here is a configuration for the validation lists to replace id to names:

Sample of validation lists in the EventHandlers configuration table

Here is a configuration to change database column and parameter names to business ones:

Sample of column and parameter translation

Configuring ribbon parameters

To configure ribbon parameters, use the ParameterValues table of the payments-configuration workbook:

Sample of configuring value lists of ribbon parameters

The configuration is like the known EventHandlers table.

Thus, we use master tables to select ID and Name pairs for the ribbon parameters of the stored procedure.

Configuring saving changes

Let's discuss this in the next important chapter.

Changing query objects using VBA

We have learned that the ribbon Query List allows changing query objects.

You can do this using the QueryObject method:

' Changing queries using Query List, Chapter 13

Sub Chapter13_1_ChangeQueryObject()

    Call addIn.ReloadQueryList(lo)

    addIn.QueryObject(lo) = "dbo67.uspPayments"

End Sub

Be sure that the add-in loaded the query list configuration before.

You can use the ReloadQueryList method to reload it.