Chapter 16. Form Fields

Chapter 16. Form Fields

Let's run the same wizard, click Add Form Fields and select cell K4:

Form Wizard, Add Form Fields

The add-in inserts form fields and updates them when a user changes the active row.

Moreover, you may use such fields to edit table row values.

Adding form fields using VBA

You may add and remove form fields using the AddFormFields and RemoveFormFields methods:

' Adding form fields, Chapter 16

Sub Chapter16_1_AddFormFields()


    ' Call addIn.RemoveFormFields(lo)
    Call addIn.AddFormFields(lo, Range("K4"))

End Sub

As the form fields are regular Excel cells with special names, you may also use Worksheet.Names.Add and Workbook.Names.Add VBA methods to create named cells with a worksheet or workbook scope.

Form fields have the following name format: field_<ListObjectName>_<ColumnName>

The SaveToDB add-in tracks ListObject name changes and changes the field names automatically.

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