The conclusion to 10 Steps for Developers

The conclusion to 10 Steps for Developers

We have created a complete client application using Microsoft Excel.

Here are ten steps that we made:

  1. Connect to tables, views, and stored procedures
  2. Configure validation lists
  3. Configure ribbon parameters
  4. Translate field, parameter, and object names
  5. Configure formats, formulas, and table views
  6. Configure saving changes
  7. Add cursors and form fields
  8. Create master-detail forms
  9. Configure detail windows and task panes

10. Configure context and action menus


The most of the features are configured in a database, using configuration tables and SQL codes.

This is a big advantage as this solves all deployment challenges. Users just reload the configuration.

As a VBA developer, you can use these features from-the-box and add only specific features.

I hope it helps you build advanced applications with less time and efforts getting satisfied users and more money.


You can download the SaveToDB add-in at

All features described in this book are available in the free SaveToDB Express edition.


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Happy coding!

Sergey Vaselenko