Chapter 4. Data Connection Wizard

Chapter 4. Data Connection Wizard

In this chapter, we connect to the created Payments table from a new workbook under Nick's credentials.

Connecting to Database

Let's create a new workbook and save it as payments-nick.xlsx.

Then let's run the Data Connect Wizard.

Data Connection Wizard



The wizard contains the same connection steps as described above.

Select a provider to your database

Connect to a database

Selecting Database Object

Let's connect to the dbo69.Payments table. You can use search. Uncheck Enable Query List on the ribbon.

Select an object to connect

You can filter objects by names

Selecting Table Fields

In this step, you can check the fields to select and the fields to use as filters. We will learn this in the next chapter.

Choose SELECT and WHERE fields

Now you can click OK and insert the table at cell B3.

Sample of a connected database table in Microsoft Excel

We have an editable table in Nick's workbook. Alex and Nick can work now in their personal workbooks.

The table has an ugly format, unlike Alex's table. We will solve this in Chapter 7.