Conclusion to 11 Steps for Advanced Users

Conclusion to 11 Steps for Advanced Users

We have created an Excel application with cool professional features and learned steps that you may repeat:

  1. Publish tables to a database
  2. Configure query parameters
  3. Configure formats and table views
  4. Configure validation lists
  5. Add cursors and form fields
  6. Configure detail tables, windows, and task panes
  7. Configure context and action menus
  8. Add image URLs
  9. Configure LastModified and UserName fields
  10. Integrate with other applications
  11. Manage permissions

You may do these steps with no SQL and VBA. We have configured the application using wizards and handlers:

The final Excel application configuration

Of course, database and VBA developers may do much more. You may recommend them my e-book:


Hope you will like the SaveToDB add-in as I am and will use the SaveToDB tab every day.

The SaveToDB tab in Microsoft Excel

You may download the SaveToDB add-in at and use the SaveToDB Express edition for free.


I would appreciate your feedback. Feel free to contact me at .

Cool applications for you and your team!

Sergey Vaselenko

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