Chapter 1. Change Tracking Framework Installation

Chapter 1. Change Tracking Framework Installation


You can download the change tracking framework at

The application also requires SaveToDB 7.14 or higher. You can download the add-in here too.

Download Package

Unzip the downloaded package to a local drive.

The download package contains the ChangeTrackingFramework folder with the following files:

  • change-tracking-framework-install.sql
  • change-tracking-framework-remove.sql
  • change-tracking-framework-for-sql-server.pdf


To install the change tracking framework using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), open and execute (F5) the change-tracking-framework-install.sql script. The script creates the following framework objects:

Change Tracking Framework for SQL Server Objects


To uninstall the framework, open and execute the change-tracking-framework-remove.sql script.

Note that the script removes frameworks objects, created change tracking triggers and procedures.