Chapter 3. Change Tracking Framework Usage

Chapter 3. Change Tracking Framework Usage

Context Menu

The framework creates procedures to select changes of specific rows or entire tables by change types:

Excel Context Menu to Track Changes

Click Reload, Reload Data and Configuration to refresh the context menu after creating the procedures.

Task Panes

The SaveToDB add-in shows changes in the Excel task panes. Initially, the log can be empty:

Excel Task Pane to Track Changes

You can configure columns shown in the task pane. For example, you can leave the most useful columns:

Configured Excel Task Pane with Selected Columns

Let's change the name of the Accounts member and save the changes.

Data Change Example

Click the Reload menu item in the Change Log task pane (or run it from the context menu once again):

Excel Task Pane with Change Log

You see the changes.

The SaveToDB add-in also opens a new task pane to show record details (non-empty values):

Excel Task Pane with Change Log Details

You can see old values in square brackets.

Restoring Records

The context menu of the log records contains more items:

Restoring Records from Change Log

You can restore the current or previous version of the active row.

In this example, we want to restore the previous name. So, choose the previous record.

You must set 1 in the confirm field (to prevent unwanted changes) and click OK:

Confirmation Dialog Box for Restoring Records

The add-in executes the logs.usp_restore_record procedure to restore changes and updates data:

Updated Change Log After Restoring Records

ID Lookup

The task pane shows table rows as is.

Use the ID Lookup context menu item to find the related row in the foreign key table.

For example, this screen shows a dimension row of the account member:

ID Lookup in Excel


The change tracking framework supports translation. Select the UI and data languages in the SaveToDB Options:

Change Tracking Framework Translation Options

To apply changes, click Reload, Reload Data and Configuration and restart Excel.


French User Interface of Change Tracking Framework