Configuring Context Menu

Configuring Context Menu

DBEdit allows adding items into the context Actions menu.

For example:

DBEdit - Configured Context Menu Sample

To add menu items, add records into a handler configuration table like xls.handlers with the ContextMenu event type.

For example:

Sample of Context Menu Handlers

You may see the s02.usp_cash_by_months_change procedure defined for the s02.usp_cash_by_month procedure.

The context menu contains a translated menu item, Details. See Data translation for details.

The stored procedure of this sample has the following header:

CREATE PROCEDURE s02.usp_cash_by_months_change
    @column_name nvarchar(255)
    , @cell_number_value money = NULL
    , @section int = NULL
    , @item_id int = NULL
    , @company_id int = NULL
    , @year int = NULL

The procedure gets the active cell column name and value, values from the hidden table columns, and a value of the year parameter.

So, it can select details for any report cell.

Context Parameters

Context menu handlers can use the following context parameters:

Parameter NameValue
@DataLanguage or @data_languageA data language code selected using the Options dialog box
@TableName or @table_nameA qualified name of the active query object like [s02].[usp_cashbook]
@ColumnName or @column_nameThe active column name
@CellValue or @cell_valueThe active cell text value
@CellNumberValue or @cell_number_valueThe active cell number value
@CellDateTimeValue or @cell_datetime_valueThe active cell datetime value
@WindowsUserName or @windows_user_nameThe Windows login of the current user
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