Data Translation

Data Translation

DBEdit allows translating database object names, columns, and parameters at the client-side using data from a translation table like xls.translations.

For example, a stored procedure returns by default names in English:

DBEdit - Procedure Sample

Developers can supply the translation in Spanish:

Sample of Translation Configuration

Then, users can get data in Spanish:

DBEdit - Spanish Translation Sample

Note that DBEdit translates object names, columns, and parameters.

However, the sample above translates row data values also.

This feature is implemented in the procedure that selects data. It has the header:

CREATE PROCEDURE s02.usp_cash_by_months
    @year int = NULL
    , @data_language char(2) = NULL

DBEdit executes this procedure passing the data_language parameter with the value selected in the Options dialog box:

DBEdit Dialog Boxes - Options

The s02.usp_cash_by_months procedure translates data using this value in the JOIN condition with the same xls.translations table.

You can find this solution in the DBEdit "Sample 02 - Advanced Features".