Using SaveToDB Framework

Using SaveToDB Framework

DBEdit allows adding application features using special configuration tables or views in a database.

SaveToDB Framework is a free ready-to-use set of such objects created for all supported platforms including SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.

So, you can install SaveToDB Framework using source codes shipped with a DBEdit download package into your database and use it to configure applications.

If you do not need a complete framework, you can create the configuration tables or views in your schemas keeping field names and types.

You can connect to and edit the framework tables in the xls schema using DBEdit:

DBEdit Connection Wizard - Filter SaveToDB Framework Objects

After installation, add developers to the xls_developers role and users to the xls_users role.

These roles grant the required permissions to edit and read configuration tables.

SaveToDB Framework includes five basic tables:

These tables are used to configure the following features: