Gartle CRM Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Gartle CRM add-in features

Gartle CRM adds CRM-centric features to Outlook.

The add-in combines all Outlook assets like goals, potentials, tasks, events, contacts, and emails at a single CRM tab.

The asset menus contain ready-to-use filters and views to activate Outlook folders in one click.

This helps to be focused and saves time on filtering data.

The email form region shows the previous sender's emails that helps to remember topics in one look.

You can open such emails in one click.

Also, the add-in applies contact's categories to incoming messages. So, you immediately see emails from your accounts, customers, and leads.

Of course, you can create more categories for your needs.

The add-in allows creating emails using templates from the ribbon and context menus that saves your time.

The add-in is available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

You can adapt element names to suit your terms.

Refer to the online help to learn all the features.

Gartle CRM Features