Getting Started with Gartle CRM Add-in

Getting Started with Gartle CRM Add-in

The Gartle CRM add-in adds CRM-centric features to Microsoft Outlook.

The add-in combines all Outlook assets like goals, potentials, tasks, events, contacts, and emails at a single CRM tab.

Gartle CRM Tab

It adds a lot of useful filters and views that saves a lot of time.

CRM Ribbon Menu - Goals CRM Ribbon Menu - Potentials CRM Ribbon Menu - Tasks CRM Ribbon Menu - Contacts CRM Ribbon Menu - Emails CRM Ribbon Menu - Calls CRM Ribbon Menu - Events

The add-in makes working with categories like Account, Customer, or Lead easier. It applies these categories to incoming messages automatically.

It shows the sender's previous emails in a form region. So, you can easily see when you contacted the last time.

Also, the add-in improves several Outlook features, for example, creating email messages based on templates.

CRM Templates in Contacts

Microsoft Outlook is a great application. The Gartle CRM add-in helps make it even better.

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