Using Gartle CRM for Microsoft Outlook

Using Gartle CRM for Microsoft Outlook

The Gartle CRM add-in adds the following features to Microsoft Outlook:

You can see the first four at the screenshot:

Gartle CRM Features

If you do not see the tab, refer to Troubleshooting.


The CRM tab combines all Outlook assets in one place.

You can change visibility, labels, and images using the ribbon manager.

If you do not see recently added categories, restart Microsoft Outlook to update the cache.

See details about each tab item in the CRM Tab topic.

Sender's Emails

Use the Details menu to turn on and off Gartle CRM form regions.

CRM Ribbon Menu - Details

Contact's Categories

The add-in applies contact's categories to incoming messages automatically.

When you add a new contact to your address book or change the contact category, use the Update Mail Categories wizard to update email categories in your Inbox and CRM folders.

CRM Ribbon Menu - Wizards

Email Templates

Email templates allow saving your time.

The Gartle CRM add-in enhances this Outlook feature adding the Templates submenu to the Contact context menu.

See details in the Using Templates topic.

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