Gartle CRM Version History

Gartle CRM Version History

Version 2.0, July 5, 2022

Changes in End-User License Agreement:

Gartle CRM includes an updated End-User License Agreement.

The most important change:

  • You may use Gartle CRM for free. The free version has several limits.
  • "Consent to Be Included in the Client List: By purchasing the software on behalf of your company, you implicitly consent to the listing of your company name as our customer. You can revoke this consent at any time by submitting a request."

New features:

  • Gartle CRM is available in Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Gartle CRM allows you to synchronize your Outlook data with a Microsoft SQL Server database.
    The installation package includes the source code for creating the database.
  • Gartle CRM includes the AutoUpdate tool to check and install updates.
    Use Help, Check Updates to launch the wizard manually.
    The check request does not contain personal data. However, we can identify the license owner in internal systems.
    We use this information to count the current licenses more accurately and can provide this information to the owner upon request.
    This feature is useful for companies with a large number of users and frequent replacement of computers.
    You can turn off the checking updates in the utility dialog box if you do not agree with this statement.
  • Gartle CRM includes an utility to fix issues with registering the add-in in Microsoft Outlook. If you do not see the CRM tab in Microsoft Outlook, please run Start, All Programs, Gartle CRM, Run Diagnostic Tool, and follow instructions.