Gartle Time Tracker

Know the time spent on activities, clients, and projects.
Personally and across the company.

How It Works

The app automatically tracks active windows and records source data:

  • start and end times;
  • processes, titles, websites, and URLs;
  • solutions, folders, and filenames.

Then it binds the following attributes:

  • activity categories, clients, and projects;
  • user roles and organizational units.

So, you can get time and cost Excel reports on any of these attributes.

You do not need to track times manually.
The app do this automatically.

Gartle Time Tracker - Report Example

Personal Data and Gartle Goals

Gartle Time Tracker has two primary goals:

  • Delivering actual and precise data to improve personal productivity.
  • Delivering aggregate data to measure times and costs spent on activity categories, clients, and projects.

To keep privacy, the app allows storing source data in a local database and synchronizing aggregated data only.

Gartle Time Tracker - Options


To install the application, download the package, unzip it, and run setup.exe.

Then, start the Gartle Time Tracker using the Windows Start menu. The app starts in the system tray.

Download Gartle Time Tracker 1.1


The full-time license costs 25 USD per computer.

Discounts apply when purchasing more licenses.

We also recommend purchasing the warranty to upgrade to the next major versions at no additional cost.