Budgeting Application

Budgeting Application

Introduction to Gartle Budgeting

Gartle Budgeting is a budgeting application for small and mid-size companies.

Its design principles:

1. The application allows users to load and save unified budget requests.
2. The application allows assigning various analytic members to budget request rows.
3. The application allows selecting pivot data based on analytic members to build custom reports in Microsoft Excel and other applications.
4. The application contains built-in standard financial reports like Income Statement, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet.
5. The application allows saving and loading reports to create consolidated statements in Excel based on reports stored in a database.

The key points of these principles:

1. Business users may create planning models in Microsoft Excel themselves.
2. Analysts may create budget reports in Excel using data from a database.
3. Analysts may create consolidated reports in Excel using saved reports from a database.

These ideas differentiate Gartle Budgeting from other budgeting applications that implement planning models, budget reports, and consolidated reports internally.

The main benefits of this approach:

1. Flexibility
2. Short time to first results
3. Low implementation cost
4. Independence on external ERP analysts

Also, Gartle Budgeting differs from budgeting applications built with Microsoft Excel:

1. It stores data in a SQL Server database, not in Excel.
2. It allows managing permissions.
3. It does not use macros.
4. It works very fast.
5. It allows using Microsoft Excel as a client, but also the desktop DBEdit and the DBGate and ODataDB web applications.

So, business users may choose any platform and even view and edit budget requests on tablets and smartphones.

Here is an example of a report:

Planning Application - Form Example

You may download sample workbooks at www.savetodb.com and try the application hosted online.

Also, you may try Gartle Budgeting with the DBGate and ODataDB web applications:

- https://dbgate.savetodb.com/en-us/budgeting-app.htm
- https://odatadb.savetodb.com/en-us/budgeting-app.htm

Feel free to contact us.
We can deploy a copy for you in the cloud to test and configure the app.
Later we can export your data to deploy it in your environment.