Change Tracking Framework

Change Tracking Framework

Introduction to Change Traking Framework

Change Tracking Framework allows tracking and reverting data changes in Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Key principles of the framework:

- Adding tracking features without modifying the underlying tables;
- Managing tracking features in Microsoft Excel;
- Checking and reverting data changes in Microsoft Excel;
- Working in free Microsoft SQL Server Express.

The core concept is simple:

- Adding triggers on INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations to captured tables;
- Storing changes in XML format in the single logs.change_logs table;
- Creating a procedure to select changes for every captured table;
- Generating the required configuration for the SaveToDB add-in to implement the required features.

Here is an example of the context menu for administrators:

Change Tracking Framework - Administrator Context Menu

Here is an example of the context menu for end-users:

Change Tracking Framework - User Context Menu

You may read more in the e-book Change Tracking Framework for SQL Server.

This is a technical paper for developers.

You may install, update, and remove Change Tracking Framework using SaveToDB Application Installer wizard.

You may generate a workbook to edit configure tracking using the SaveToDB Application Workbooks wizard.

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