Planning Application

Planning Application

Introduction to Gartle Planning

Gartle Planning is a ready-to-use planning application.

It uses Microsoft SQL Server as a back-end and allows using Microsoft Excel with the SaveToDB add-in, DBEdit desktop application, and DBGate and ODataDB web applications as clients.

Key features:

- Multiple companies or separate departments in a single database.
- Customizable dimensions and dimension members;
- Customizable calculation rules with multiple hierarchies;
- Customizable input forms and reports;
- Built-in permission management;
- Built-in change tracking.

Here is an example of a customizable form:

Planning Application - Form Example

You may download sample workbooks at and try the application hosted online.

Also, you may try Gartle Planning with the DBGate and ODataDB web applications:


Feel free to contact us.
We can deploy a copy for you in the cloud to test and configure the app.
Later we can export your data to deploy it in your environment.