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SaveToDB First Steps

Install the SaveToDB add-in

You have to see the Database tab:

Install the SaveToDB add-in

If you do not see the Database tab, please, refer to the readme.htm file to learn how to fix it.

Connect to your database table

Run Wizards, Connection Wizard:

Run Wizards, Connection Wizard

Select a data provider:

Select a provider

The SaveToDB add-in includes built-in providers for Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Azure Database, Oracle Database, MySQL and MariaDB, PostgreSQL, NuoDB, Snowflake, SQLite, and SQL Server Compact.

Also, it allows using installed ODBC drivers, OLEDB providers, and DSN connections.

Connect to your database:

Connect to your database

Select the required database object. You can choose tables, views, functions, or stored procedures:

Select the required database object

Check fields to select in the left-most columns and the fields to use as filters on the ribbon in the right-most column (W):

Select fields

Select a target cell to insert a table:

Select a target cell

We recommend inserting into cell B3 (you will learn additional features later):

We recommend inserting into cell B3

That's all. You have an editable table in Microsoft Excel:

You have an editable table

Edit and Save

Now you can edit data in Excel. Click the Save button to save changes back to a database:

Edit data and click Save