Change Connection Wizard

Change Connection Wizard

The Change Connection Wizard allows changing a group of connection strings at once.

This is useful when you need to move a database to a new server or to change a development database to a production one.

This wizard also changes SaveToDB stored configuration data related to changed tables.

Step 1. Selecting Provider

This step is used to select a provider to connect to a new connection database.

The wizard shows all installed providers available for connection.

See specific provider descriptions on the following topics:

Step 2. Connecting to Database

This step is used to connect to a new connection database.

Click the Help button or the Examples link to get the context help during the connecting.

The Next button is enabled when the connection is successful. The wizard tests the connection in the background and activates the button.

If the Next button is disabled, click the Test Connection button to test the connection.

Step 3. Changing Connections

Select the tables to change connections to the new connection and click the Finish button.

The result message shows a number of successfully updated tables:

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