Configuring Features

Configuring Features

The SaveToDB add-in adds many features to Microsoft Excel from-the-box.

Database developers may add power features using the server-side configurations:

  • Connecting to database objects, web data sources, and text files using the ribbon query list.
  • Saving data from views, stored procedures, SQL codes, and HTTP and text file queries to a database.
  • Saving data to a database using cell Change event handlers.
  • Drill-down queries to databases and the web on DoubleClick events.
  • Master-detail interfaces using SelectionChange event handlers.
  • Different actions for the Excel context menu and SaveToDB Actions menu including executing procedures, macros, and Windows Shell and CMD commands.
  • Translation of objects, fields, and parameters to a business language.
  • Parameter value lists.
  • Databases to store and distribute Excel table formats of database objects.
  • Excel formulas including DDE and RTD (Real-Time Data) in views and stored procedures.

This section describes SaveToDB add-in requirements for server-side configurations.

You may create the required server-side objects yourself or just install SaveToDB Framework using the Application Installer.

Then use the Application Workbooks wizard to create a workbook to customize application features in Microsoft Excel.

You may try online examples from the wizards menu to find the required techniques.

You may download SaveToDB SDK with source codes of the frameworks and examples at

Configuration topics:

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