Connecting to Text Files

Connecting to Text Files

SaveToDB Add-in for Microsoft Excel allows loading and refreshing data from text files.

For example, a web page can be saved to a local disk and loaded into Microsoft Excel.
It is also used if a web server does not support direct connection but supports data export.

SaveToDB supports the following data formats: HTML, XML, JSON, and CSV.

Connecting to text files using SaveToDB has additional benefits over Microsoft Excel connections:

  • You may connect to different data the same way.
  • You may connect to JSON and HTML files.
  • You may refresh data of any type.
  • You may add formula columns to loaded data.
  • You may specify a code page for loaded data.

You may save the loaded data into a database using the Data Merge Wizard.

Selecting Provider

Use Gartle Text Data Provider to connect to text files.

Connecting to Text Files

This step differs from the same step for database connections.

You may select a file and specify a code page.

You may specify a relative path to a file, related to the active workbook directory.

In this case, you may freely move the workbook and the file to another place or computer.

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