Connecting to Text Files in Microsoft Excel

Connecting to Text Files in Microsoft Excel

SaveToDB Add-in for Microsoft Excel allows loading and refreshing data from text files.

For example, a web page can be saved to a local disk and loaded into Microsoft Excel.
It is also used if a web server does not support direct connection but supports data export.

SaveToDB supports the following data formats: HTML, XML, JSON, and CSV.

Connecting to text files using SaveToDB has additional benefits over Microsoft Excel connections:

  • You can connect to different data the same way.
  • You can connect to JSON and HTML files.
  • You can refresh data of any type.
  • You can add formula columns to loaded data.
  • You can specify a code page for loaded data.

You can save the loaded data into a database using the Data Merge Wizard.

Selecting Provider

Use Gartle Text Data Provider to connect to text files.

Connecting Excel to text file - Selecting provider

Connecting to Text Files

This step differs from the same step for database connections.

You can select a file and specify a code page.

Connecting Excel to text file

You can specify a relative path to a file, related to the active workbook directory.

In this case, you can freely move the workbook and the file to another place or computer.