SaveToDB Interface Options for VBA

SaveToDB Interface Options for VBA

The IAddInOptions interface defines SaveToDB add-in options.

You may use these properties with VBA macros and VSTO add-ins.

<ComVisible(True), Guid("CF0170F1-310E-421F-87DF-C177753EEDD9")>
Public Interface IAddInOptions

    ' Common Options

    Property DisplayLanguage As String

    Property DefaultDataLanguage As String

    Property WorkbookDataLanguage(Optional Workbook As Workbook = Nothing) As String

    Property EncryptPasswordsByDefault As Boolean

    Property EncryptWorkbookPasswords(Optional Workbook As Workbook = Nothing) As Boolean?

    Property ConnectionTimeout As Int32

    Property CommandTimeout As Int32

    Property GenerateSingleLineSQL As Boolean

    ' Excel Options

    Property ShowUrlMenu As Boolean

    Property ShowContextMenu As Boolean

    Property AutoActivateTableRelatedWindows As Boolean

    Property AutoArrangeWindows As Boolean

    Property AutoHideTaskbarMdiWindows As Boolean

    Property ShowDoubleClickCalendar As Boolean

    Property ShowDoubleClickPivot As Boolean

    Property AutoFilterRow As Boolean

    Property AutoOpenLastFile As Boolean

    Property AutoCleanBadNamedCells As Boolean

    ' Ribbon Options

    Property HideAdvancedMenuItems As Boolean

    Property ParameterHistoryLimit As Int32

    ' Options Menu

    Property ShowCellEditor As Boolean

    Property ShowListEditor As Boolean

    ' Special Options

    Property TemplatePath As String

    Property ShowToolsMenu As Boolean?

    ' TaskPanes

    Property TaskPaneDockPosition As Int32

    ' Cell Editor

    Property CellEditorDockPosition As Int32

    Property CellEditorTop As Int32

    Property CellEditorLeft As Int32

    Property CellEditorHeight As Int32

    Property CellEditorWidth As Int32

    Property CellEditorDockHeight As Int32

    Property CellEditorDockWidth As Int32

    Property CellEditorFontSize As Single

    Property CellEditorFontName As String

    ' List Editor

    Property ListEditorDockPosition As Int32

    Property ListEditorTop As Int32

    Property ListEditorLeft As Int32

    Property ListEditorHeight As Int32

    Property ListEditorWidth As Int32

    Property ListEditorDockHeight As Int32

    Property ListEditorDockWidth As Int32

    Property ListEditorFontSize As Single

    Property ListEditorFontName As String

End Interface

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