Table Views

Table Views

Example of HTTP query connected via SaveToDB

View List
The list shows the active table view and allows applying a new view from stored views of the active Excel table.
The field is disabled if there is no any active Excel table.
Copy and Insert Selected Rows
The button copies and inserts the selected table rows.
This is a unique feature as this action cannot be done using the native Excel if the table has filtered rows.
The action can be undone (Ctrl-Z).
Show All Rows and Columns
The button shows all manually hidden columns and rows hidden by auto-filters.
Instead of the use of this button, you can create a table view to show required columns and rows, for example, named as "All".
Save Table View

The button shows a dialog box to save the current Excel table view.

SaveToDB Save Table View form

Manage Table Views
The button launches the Table Views dialog box used to edit table views of the active Excel table.
Views Group Launcher Button
The button launches the Table Views dialog box used to edit table views of the active Excel table.

Table Views Dialog Box

The Table Views dialog box allows performing different actions with saved Excel table views in the Table View list and the Excel context menu:

  • Changing the order of views in menus;
  • Renaming a view;
  • Deleting a view;
  • Deleting all views.

SaveToDB Table Views form

You can change the customized Excel table using the Customized Object list.

Important! The actions cannot be undone.

If you delete an important view, you can recreate it or reopen the entire workbook.

Working with Table Views

Use the Save Table View button to save named Excel table views, and then use the view list to apply the views.

For example, the following table has several previously saved views:

Example of the table view drop-down list

Just use one click to apply the saved view:

Example of using table views - applied Up in Volume filter

Saved Elements

Excel Table views include the following elements:

  • A set of visible columns;
  • A set of applied auto-filters;
  • Sort order;
  • Table totals.

These elements are saved for each named Excel table view and applied back to a table.

Active Excel Table

An Excel table is a specially marked region of cells on a sheet, early named as "Lists".

All database queries are inserted as Excel tables. Use the Insert, Table Excel command to create tables from regular Excel cells.

The add-in works with Excel tables only, not with regular cells formatted as a table.

A sheet can contain many Excel tables. SaveToDB adapts to the Excel table that contains the active cell.

If a sheet contains a single Excel table only, this table is active by default.