Steps to Upgrade to SaveToDB 8

Steps to Upgrade to SaveToDB 8

This topic describes technical details about upgrading configured applications to SaveToDB 8.

If you have no configured applications, you can upgrade the SaveToDB add-in without worries.

Here are key differences introduced in SaveToDB 8 comparing to the previous versions:

  • SaveToDB 8 loads definitions of all database objects in Reload Data and Configuration.
  • SaveToDB 8 creates automatic configurations of saving changes, event handlers, and parameter value queries.
  • SaveToDB 8 has a changed default query list.
  • SaveToDB 8 has a new SaveToDB Framework with a different structure.
  • SaveToDB 8 applies the xls.objects settings by default.
  • SaveToDB 8 has a new configuration table, xls.workbooks.

SaveToDB 8 is a big step forward as it creates typical configurations based on database object analysis automatically.

However, the first three features can add unwanted features to configured applications.

For example, a view can become editable, or a foreign key column can get a validation list.

These are useful features. However, you can disable them.

To disable, use new types of event handlers: DoNotSave and DoNotAddValidation.

To hide an object in the default query list, set the HIDDEN type in the xls.objects table.

The second part is related to SaveToDB Framework 8 discussed below.

Upgrading SaveToDB Framework 7 to SaveToDB Framework 8

We have completely redesigned SaveToDB Framework, to make it simple and easy to learn.

SaveToDB 8 supports and will support previous versions of SaveToDB Framework.

SaveToDB 7 does not support and will never support SaveToDB Framework 8.

So, if you migrate your applications to a new framework, be sure that you have upgraded all the SaveToDB 7 installations.

Here is a mapping of Framework objects and roles:

SaveToDB Framework 7SaveToDB Framework 8
dbo01.viewQueryListxls.queries (view)
xls01.viewQueryListxls.queries (view)

Here are key differences:

  • SaveToDB 8 has the single xls.handlers table instead of dbo01.EventHandlers and dbo01.ParameterValues.
  • SaveToDB 8 has the single xls.translation table instead of dbo01.ObjectTranslation and dbo01.ColumnTranslation.
  • SaveToDB 8 has no views and procedures except xls.queries.

SaveToDB Framework 8 has six objects instead of 16.

Also, it has the same object names on any supported database platform.

To migrate from the SaveToDB Framework 5-7 to SaveToDB Framework 8, make the following steps using the Application Installer:

  1. Install SaveToDB Framework 8.
  2. Export current settings to SaveToDB Framework 8 (select SaveToDB Framework 7 and Upgrade 7.x to 8.0).
  3. Remove SaveToDB Framework 7.