SaveToDB User Interface

SaveToDB User Interface

Example of the Actions menu

The main SaveToDB interface elements are located on the SaveToDB ribbon tab.

The interface elements are being adapted to the active data table having a database, web or text file query.

You can change query parameters, query objects, table views, and other database related features without any coding.

However, the real power of the add-in is uncovered when the user interface is customized by database developers.

The action menu, context menu, query list, parameters and initial table views are fully configurable on the server-side.

For example, the screenshot above shows the ribbon elements and the formatted table that can be loaded from a database in an empty workbook!

Using Microsoft Excel with the SaveToDB add-in, database developers can quickly implement database applications that deliver a feature-rich desktop experience to users, with users' full freedom of the Microsoft Excel use.