Working with Images

Working with Images

The SaveToDB add-in automatically shows images on task panes from database tables and views.

The add-in loads images when the row is selected.

You may dock task panes to the right or left sides, to the top or to the bottom.

If you close a task pane, you may activate it again using the Show Task Panes item in the Options submenu.
To show a closed task pane when there are several task panes, close all task panes and use the item.

Database developers can create selection change handlers to show images for any database query.

Just specify the _TaskPane value in the TARGET_WORKSHEET field and return the image as a handler result.

Task panes are worksheet related.

An example of showing photos from a database:

You may find this example in the Northwind folder of examples for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Compact.

The SaveToDB add-in also shows images from the web if the table row has a URL with jpg, gif or png extensions.

For example, the following table contains a hidden column with photo URLs on LinkedIn like

You may find this example in the Web Images folder of the Examples for Web.

The SaveToDB add-in caches loaded images.

You may clean the cache using the Clean Image Cache Folder button on the Developer Options tab in the Options dialog box.

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