Working with Windows

Working with Windows

The SaveToDB add-in adds to Microsoft Excel features for advanced working with windows:

  • Auto-activating related windows.
  • Auto-arranging related windows.

If the auto-activating is turned on in Options, new windows are "bound" to the first window sheet.

When another sheet is selected in the first window, the add-in saves current window configuration for the previous active sheet and loads related windows for the new active sheet as they were saved before.

Sheets in the first and related windows can have different window settings.

If the auto-arranging is turned on in Options, the windows are arranged when any window has been resized.

For example, you can move a window border or move the entire window.

In contrast, the Microsoft Excel auto-arranging stops its work when the window border is moved.

The example of arranged related windows:

Example of automatic arranging Excel windows

The windows 2 and 3 have been hidden when the Sheet2 is selected in the first window:

Example of automatic activating related Excel windows

If the Sheet1 is selected again, then the windows 1, 2, and 3 will be restored to the same size and locations.