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Quick Start

Change Tracking Framework allows saving changed rows of SQL Server databases in common XML tables using change triggers.

Also, the framework contains an Excel application to create such triggers and manage data changes.

Take more details in the e-book from the help folder or online at

The workbooks folder contains a sample workbook.

The SaveToDB add-in installed is required.

Download SaveToDB

Installing Change Tracking Framework

To install, update, or remove the Change Tracking Framework:

  1. Unzip the downloaded package to a folder on a local hard drive.
  2. Open the setup folder.
  3. Run setup.exe and follow wizard steps.

Below is database documentation:

Using with Excel

Add users to the log_users role. The role members can use the Excel context menu to manage changes.

To apply for new permissions on connected objects, use the Reload Data and Configuration button of the SaveToDB Reload menu.

To generate an administrator workbook:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Run the Application Workbooks wizard of the SaveToDB add-in.
  3. Connect to your database and select the change_tracking_admin.xlsx workbook.

You will get a ready-to-use workbook with all available worksheets.
You can create such workbooks yourself by connecting to the required objects.

Use the Actions menu and the Excel context menu to configure settings.


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