This email shows the right steps to install and register the product.

Please read it if you have issues.

When you download the file, please, open the Downloads folder.

It should contain the downloaded zip archive as shown:

Right-click on the file and then click Extract all.... You have to see the extracted folder:

Open the folder like en_gsqlcmd_49 and then open the gsqlcmd folder.

Now you have to see the product installer, setup.exe, and the folder with examples:

To install the product, run setup.exe and follow wizard instructions.

In this step, you may choose the destination folder and installation type:

Usually, just click Next. If you have no administrator privileges, choose Just me.

When the wizard finishes, it launches the registration wizard.

If you install the product for the first time, you may choose the trial version.

Otherwise, you may register gsqlcmd for free or register the purchased version.

Please follow wizard steps (if you see the finish step, just click Back first).

Let's return to the gsqlcmd folder.

Please cut the Examples folder and paste it to a folder where you will find it later.

The Examples folder looks like this:

We will discuss these examples in the Welcome educational series.

Now, please, open the command prompt (Win-R, cmd, Enter) and type: gsqlcmd

You have to see the information about your version and a short help:

If you see it, then you have installed gsqlcmd successfully.

Otherwise, try to reboot your computer.

If this does not help, please, contact us.

Hope, you have successfully installed gsqlcmd.

Today you will get the next email that shows first tips.

Best regards,

Sergey Vaselenko
CEO | Gartle Technology Corporation

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