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Save Excel Data into Databases

Connect to databases, edit data, and save changes back.
Edit data using formulas and Search&Replace.
Share data in your department using database tables instead of sharing or emailing workbooks.
Share data among multiple worksheets and workbooks using embedded SQL Server Compact databases.


Save Excel data into databases

Load Yahoo! Finance Data in Excel

Update Yahoo! Finance data in Excel in real time.
Load stock and option quotes, historical and fundamental data from 60 world exchanges for free.
Create tables and models using regular Excel formulas.
Track your watch lists and portfolios in Excel easily.


Update Yahoo! Finance data in Excel

Save Real Time Data into DB

Save real time data into databases from trading platforms like Thinkorswim thinkDesktop or Interactive Brokers TWS.
Create unique history of calculated values like option greeks or implied volatility in the required time frames.
Create models based on multiple data sources.
Deliver model data to your traders and managers.
If you are a private investor, use Yahoo! Finance for free.


Save data from trading platforms into databases

Create VBA Applications Faster

The SaveToDB add-in allows easily changing WHERE values for tables and views, and parameter values for stored procedures and web queries.
The add-in allows saving data changes back to DB.
The add-in supports all major databases and connections through .NET, OLEDB, and ODBC.
Use these features in your applications.
This is just a couple lines of code.


Dim addIn As COMAddIn
Dim addInObj As Object
Set addIn = Application.COMAddIns("SaveToDB")
Set addInObj = addIn.Object

Range("Account").Value = 123
Range("Company").Value = "ABC"

Use Excel as Database Front End

Connect to your database using the SaveToDB add-in.
Get data from tables, views and stored procedures.
Change WHERE values and parameters on the ribbon.
And configure the add-in behavior using the SQL code:
implement drill-down queries, change event handlers, context menus, column name translations and more.
Create Excel applications using database developer skills.


Use Excel as SQL customized DB front end

Load Web Data into CSV

Use gwebcmd, a command line utility, to load and save web data into CSV files.
gwebcmd parses XML, HTML, JSON, and CSV, and can get the data from protected web pages and web services.


Load web data into CSV

Export Database Data Easily

Use gsqlcmd, a command line utility, to easily export database data into text, CSV and HTML files.
Use simple SQL statements in a command prompt
or complex SQL scripts with parameters.
gsqlcmd supports all major databases the same way.


Export database data into CSV, text, and HTML