SaveToDB 7 Change History

SaveToDB 7 Change History

Version 7.41, July 12, 2023

Bug fixes:

  • The add-in does not populate a password from the workbook connections when connecting on a new worksheet.
  • The registration wizard does not display the names of the available languages.
  • The tables display unsorted data after auto-filter changes via the row above the table.
  • The tables lose sorting rules after loading empty data.
  • The tables lose sorting rules based on the custom sort order.
  • The add-in incorrectly extracts parameters from the ODBC commandText when the source command contains semicolons.

Version 7.40, February 21, 2023


  • The add-in uses the MySql.Data.MySqlClient data provider installed on the system.
    Prior, the add-in used the provider shipped with the application.
    This solution allows installing and using the newest version of the provider:
  • The add-in dynamically replaces the missing MySql.Data.MySqlClient data provider with the built-in MySqlConnector provider.
  • The ODBC connection dialog box displays the entire connection string.
  • The add-in clears previously loaded data when saving is disabled.
  • The add-in creates image display handlers automatically when the field length is more than 1024.
  • The "Save Query Data As..." wizard saves and uses the last settings.
  • The add-in appends errors in creating value lists of values to the book information log window.

Bug fixes:

  • The add-in throws various exceptions when connecting to MySQL 8 using the MySql.Data.MySqlClient.
  • The add-in in some cases resets the filter when updating the data.
  • The add-in does not apply the format for rows hidden by auto-filters.
  • The add-in restores deleted columns when reconnected using .NET data providers.

Version 7.39, January 23, 2023


If the "Save" button is disabled after updating the version, check that the table contains a primary key or IDENTITY column.
In previous versions, the add-in allowed saving changes for tables without primary keys, which made the save behavior unstable.


  • SaveToDB Framework packages are updated.
  • The registration wizard is updated.
  • The auto-update tool is updated.

Bug fixes:

  • The add-in makes the hidden header row visible when updating data with .NET Framework data providers.
  • The add-in removes leading and trailing spaces in CSV output.
  • The add-in may lose decimal precision when outputting data from databases to CSV.
  • The Text File Connection Wizard shows an exception.
  • Excel crashes when updating data with binary columns.

Version 7.38, December 22, 2022

Bug fixes:

  • Context menu handlers do not populate VBA macro parameters with the actual values.

Version 7.37, December 13, 2022


  • The context task pane saves and restores table column widths.
  • The developer guide is updated.
  • The registration wizard is updated.
  • The auto-update tool is updated.

Bug fixes:

  • The add-in loses the fields of the SELECT command when inserting a table with VBA macros.

Version 7.36, October 19, 2022

Bug fixes:

  • The add-in does not reapply auto-filters when converting bit and date/time values.
  • The add-in disables its ribbon when using some third-party add-ins or macros.
  • The add-in outputs decimal values in CSV format like 6E+09.00.

Version 7.35, October 13, 2022

Important changes:

Views and procedures designed to control access to application configuration are separated from SaveToDB Framework 10.4 into a separate SaveToDB Framework Extension package.

The base SaveToDB Framework 10 is therefore fully compatible with previous versions.
This allows you to upgrade configurations from previous versions to version 10 without any additional steps.

The SaveToDB Framework Extension package can be installed separately if you want to restrict user access to application configuration.
If you have already installed SaveToDB Framework 10.0, which includes it, you can uninstall the extension using the Application Install Wizard.

Bug fixes:

  • The add-in restores deleted columns after refreshing data via .NET data providers.
  • The add-in outputs integer values in CSV format with two dots, such as 1..00.

Version 7.34, October 10, 2022

Bug fixes:

  • The add-in does not convert booleans to 1s and 0s when loading data through OLEDB and ODBC data providers.

Version 7.33, October 5, 2022


  • The Workbook Information Log tab shows more information about errors and warnings.
  • The add-in continues loading data when loading validation lists with SQL errors.
  • The add-in automatically restores lost .NET connections in validation lists on the SaveToDB_Lists worksheet.

Bug fixes:

  • The add-in disables the Save button when connected via the .NET providers.
  • The add-in imports SQLite and MySQL datetime types via the .NET providers as strings.
  • The add-in does not update validation lists from stored procedures with changed column structures.
  • The add-in breaks validation lists on the SaveToDB_Lists worksheet in some cases.

Version 7.32, August 17, 2022

Bug fixes:

  • The add-in sometimes does not restore the Application.ScreenUpdating property when using .NET providers.
  • The Database Connection Wizard sometimes does not display all available connection providers.
  • The Web Connection Wizard sometimes displays only database providers.
  • The Text File Connection Wizard sometimes displays only database providers.
  • The Web Connection Wizard incorrectly determines service URLs when specifying schemes.
  • Inserting and updating tables with table totals enabled does not work with .NET providers.

Version 7.31, July 5, 2022

Changes in End-User License Agreement:

SaveToDB includes an updated End-User License Agreement.

The most important change:

"Consent to Be Included in the Client List: By purchasing the software on behalf of your company, you implicitly consent to the listing of your company name as our customer. You can revoke this consent at any time by submitting a request."

SaveToDB Personal edition is available only under the active upgrade warranty. New purchases of SaveToDB Personal are not available.

Breaking changes:

  • SaveToDB 7.31 requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 that does not support Windows XP and Windows Vista.
    You can stay with SaveToDB 7.30 to continue using it on Windows XP or Windows Vista.
  • The add-in adds null values to parameter value lists prepared by stored procedures or SQL queries.
    This feature allows you not to use the rows like SELECT NULL AS id, NULL AS name UNION ALL in your SQL code to get such values.
    Also, this allows getting lists of parameter and cell values using the same procedures.
    After an update, you may need to add the _NotNull value to the TARGET_WORKSHEET field for ParameterValues handlers.
    See the Developer Guide for details.
  • We changed formats of connection strings and authorization data for connecting to web data and text files.
    This change relates to new opportunities for working with the REST API and authorization using OAuth1 and OAuth2 for any provider.
    Also, the new version allows using the connection and authorization settings from databases.
    After updating the add-in, you should update the data and configuration for such requests.
    New connection and authorization data do not work in versions before 7.31, 8.26, and 9.12.
    Therefore, after testing the update, we recommend updating to the newest version for all users.
    We put a lot of effort into testing all the features. SaveToDB 8.26 is the most tested version.

New features:

  • The add-in includes the AutoUpdate tool to check and install SaveToDB updates.
    Use Help, Check Updates to launch the wizard manually.
    The check request does not contain personal data. However, we can identify the license owner in internal systems.
    We use this information to count the current licenses more accurately and can provide this information to the owner upon request.
    This feature is useful for companies with a large number of users and frequent replacement of computers.
    You can turn off the checking updates in the utility dialog box if you do not agree with this statement.
  • SaveToDB 7 supports SaveToDB Frameworks 8-10.
    You can migrate your applications to the newest framework first and then easily migrate to the latest SaveToDB version.
    See the Developer Guide to learn about available features.
  • The add-in replaced the SaveToDB Framework Installer wizard with the Application Installer.
    The wizard contains all applications and frameworks of SaveToDB 10 applicable for SaveToDB 7.
  • The add-in replaced the Configuration Workbook Generator with the Application Workbooks wizard.
    The new wizard allows creating workbooks using definitions from databases.


  • The add-in does not use quotes in CREATE|ALTER|DROP ROLE|USER and GRANT|REVOKE|DENY command variables.
    This feature allows using SQL code handlers to manage roles, users, and permissions from the Excel context menu.
  • The SQL code parser is improved.
  • Dialog boxes have new, improved Office-style icons.
  • The workbook information dialog box has the log tab that shows critical errors.
  • The HTML task pane is improved. The task pane supports the markdown format.
  • The add-in quotes numbers with more than 15 digits loaded by .NET providers, including internal file and web data source providers.
  • The add-in shows file names and URL file names in the ribbon QueryList.
  • The URL ContextMenu shows expanded values.
  • The add-in sets the Referrer header to automatically when required.

Bug fixes:

  • The add-in does not update the CurrentDirectory value on saving a workbook to a new folder.
  • The add-in detects CSV with HTML values as HTML.
  • The add-in uses a comma as a list separator in validation lists instead of a semicolon.