SaveToDB Version History

SaveToDB Version History

Version 9.0, February 7, 2019

SaveToDB 9 includes new features for creating reporting applications with Microsoft Excel and consolidating reports.

The new customizable Reports tab allows managing reports.

Contrary to the previous versions, such reports can use regular Excel ranges, not connected to databases directly, and consume data from databases and other Excel workbooks using formulas.

For example, budget reports built with Microsoft Excel may get data using formulas.
SaveToDB 9 allows saving such reports to a database easily. So, you may use report data for further consolidation.


New features:

  • The add-in has the customizable Reports tab.
    The tab allows customizing the following controls:
    - the Save and Reload buttons;
    - the Apply configuration button;
    - parameters to manage calculations and report views.
    The Save buttons allow saving regular Excel ranges to a database.
    The Reload buttons allow reloading data from databases and other Excel workbooks located on separate worksheets.
    The ribbon parameters are similar to VBA controls like DropDown, ComboBox, and CheckBox.
    However, they do not require VBA macros. The add-in applies report row and column filters (report configuration) after each change.
    See Customizing Reports.
  • The add-in supports connections to Microsoft Excel workbooks using the ODBC drivers and OLEDB providers.
    This makes using Microsoft Excel as a database easier.
  • The add-in supports connections to DBF and FoxPro files.
  • The Online Examples menu contains a new set of samples.
    You may install the samples for Microsoft SQL Server using the Application Installer wizard.
  • SaveToDB SDK 9.0 includes a new set of examples with source codes for all supported platforms.


  • The Application Installer and Application Workbooks wizards include updated frameworks and workbooks:
    - SaveToDB Framework 9.0
    - SaveToDB Administrator Framework 9.0
    - SaveToDB Developer Framework 9.0
    - Change Tracking Framework 2.1
    - Database Help Framework 1.1.
  • The Application Workbooks wizard contains URLs of example descriptions.
  • A new Wizards, Developer Tools menu includes all development-related items.
  • The ribbon shows up to 12 parameters.

Removed features:

  • SaveToDB 9 has removed window management features.
    These features were available in Microsoft Office 2007/2010 only as
    Microsoft Office 2013/2016/2019 open workbooks in separate top-level windows.
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