Column Properties
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Column Properties

Developers can use the xls.handlers table to tune column properties.

Developers can also use the xls.columns table to define columns of REST API objects.

DataType Properties

SaveToDB products use column properties in the connection wizards, SELECT commands, saving changes, etc.

The database metadata contains complete column descriptions for tables and views only.

OData metadata contains complete column descriptions for most entity types.

The following objects can have not enough information about columns:

  • stored procedures,
  • SQL commands,
  • REST API results,
  • dynamic OData entity and complex types.

You can define column data types using the following values in the EVENT_TYPE field:

  • BitColumn
  • DataTypeBit
  • DataTypeBoolean
  • DataTypeDate
  • DataTypeDateTime
  • DataTypeDateTimeOffset
  • DataTypeDouble
  • DataTypeInt
  • DataTypeGuid
  • DataTypeString
  • DataTypeTime

Use BitColumn to format integer-type columns as check-boxes with three possible values: 0, 1, and NULL.

Use DataType<Type> value to define data types of columns or parameters.

For example:


Disabling Features

You can use the following event types to disable unwanted features:

  • DoNotChange
  • DoNotSave
  • DoNotSelect
  • DoNotSort
  • DoNotTranslate

Use DoNotChange to prevent manual column changes.

Use DoNotSave to exclude columns from the INSERT and UPDATE statements used to save changes.

Use DoNotSelect to prevent selecting the column in the connection wizards. Note that users can edit the query in Microsoft Excel manually.

Use DoNotSort to prevent sorting columns or entire tables in DBEdit, DBGate, and ODataDB. SaveToDB does not disable sorting in Microsoft Excel.

Use DoNotTranslate to prevent translating column headers or entire tables.

Formula Properties

You can use the following formula-related properties:

  • ConvertFormulas
  • DoNotConvertFormulas
  • Formula
  • FormulaValue

See details in the Converting Formulas topic.

You can use the following type to convert text hyperlinks to hyperlink objects:

  • AddHyperlinks

See details in the Converting Hyperlinks topic.