Converting Output Using RegEx

Converting Output Using RegEx

The SaveToDB add-in and DBEdit allow processing handler output using regular expressions.

Use the RegEx event name and a set of regular expression lines in the HANDLER_CODE field of the xls.handlers table.

Here is a sample that processes the generated documentation before showing it in a window:


Here is a partial sample of the RegEx content:

'( |td>|br>|<p>)(https?://[^ \r\n]*[A-Za-z_1-9\/])([ \r\n\.])'     , '$1[$2]($2)$3'

'( |td>|br>|<p>)((dbo[1-9]*|xls[1-9]*|doc|logs)\.[A-Za-z_1-9]+)'   , '$1[$2](#$2)'

Each line contains a value to search and a value to replace, separated by the comma.