Named Cells as Fields
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Named Cells as Fields

The SaveToDB add-in allows using Excel named cells as fields to get and set the active table row values.

The cell name must follow the following rule: field_<Excel table name>_<column name>

For example, if you have a table like "Orders", you can use a name like "field_Orders_OrderID".

The add-in will update the value when a user changes the active row in the Orders table.

As the add-in allows using named cells as parameters, you can add a name like "OrderID" to the cell.

As a result, the add-in will reload all queries that have the OrderID parameter.

This is a simple way to create master-details forms.

Look at the Wizards, Online Examples, Sample 08 - Northwind, Sample 08 - Northwind Orders.xlsx.

You can easily create such form fields using the Wizards, Developer Tools, Add Form Fields.

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