Named Cells as Parameters

Named Cells as Parameters

The SaveToDB add-in allows using Excel named cell values as query parameters.

For example, you can create a named cell, like account_id, to get and set the account_id parameter values.

Create such named cells with a worksheet scope.

You can also create named cells with a workbook scope using the global_ prefix like global_account_id.

In this case, when a user changes the cell value or any account_id parameter, the add-in will update all queries that have the account_id parameter.

Be careful if your workbook has a lot of worksheets.

You can also use named cells with __name suffixes to get the displayed value instead of the parameter value.

For example, if the account_id has a value list, the account_id cell will contain an integer value, while account_id__name will contain its name.

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