SaveToDB Framework Versions

SaveToDB Framework Versions

SaveToDB Framework has had ten versions since 2010.

There are four framework generations:

  • SaveToDB Frameworks 1-4
  • SaveToDB Frameworks 5-7
  • SaveToDB Frameworks 8-9
  • SaveToDB Frameworks 10

The last version that supports SaveToDB Frameworks 1-4 is SaveToDB 7.

SaveToDB 8+, DBEdit, DBGate, and ODataDB supports frameworks starting version 5.

SaveToDB 7.31 or higher supports SaveToDB Frameworks 8-10.

SaveToDB Framework 8 is the simplest.

You can find framework object comparison in the Upgrading SaveToDB 7 topic.

SaveToDB Framework 10 is the most functional. We recommend upgrading to this version.