SaveToDB Framework Change History
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SaveToDB Framework Change History

Version 10.13, April 29, 2024


  • New handler event types: DataTypeBinary, DataTypeBinary16, HideByDefault, and WhereByDefault.

Version 10.8, January 23, 2023

The source code incudes updated copyrights.

Version 10.6, December 13, 2022

The SaveToDB frameworks and examples are licensed under the MIT license.


  • The SelectPeriod handler allows customizing the behavior of date fields and parameters.

Version 10.4, October 13, 2022

Views and procedures designed to control access to application configuration are separated from SaveToDB Framework 10.4 into a separate SaveToDB Framework Extension package.

The base SaveToDB Framework 10 is therefore fully compatible with previous versions.
This allows you to upgrade configurations from previous versions to version 10 without any additional steps.

The SaveToDB Framework Extension package can be installed separately if you want to restrict user access to application configurations.
If you have already installed SaveToDB Framework 10.0, which includes it, you can uninstall the extension, using the Application Install Wizard or its source code.

Version 10.0, July 5, 2022

New features:

  • SaveToDB Framework 10 includes a set of views to use instead of the tables.
    Such views show configuration objects in schemas for which a user has permissions.
    The framework includes a set of procedures for switching the configuration between views and tables (as in SaveToDB Framework 9.12).
  • SaveToDB Framework 10 includes a set of procedures to manage framework users via Excel, DBEdit, DBGate, and ODataDB.
  • The Developer Guide includes a complete description of the SaveToDB Framework and many usage examples.
  • The framework includes a new table, xls.columns, to configure REST queries.