SaveToDB SDK contains SaveToDB Frameworks and samples, including source codes and test workbooks for Microsoft Excel.

You can download SaveToDB SDK for your database platform here

Note that you can install, update, and remove SaveToDB Frameworks using the SaveToDB Application Installer wizard.

Also, you can try samples for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL deployed online first:

This guide contains configuration samples used in the SDK.

The SDK samples have a lot of well-tested code for all supported features.

You may use the suggested solutions in your applications.

Here is a list of available samples available on all supported database platforms:

Sample 01 - Basic Features
Sample 02 - Advanced Features
Sample 03 - Budgeting
Sample 04 - Orders
Sample 05 - Invoices
Sample 06 - Dynamic Lists
Sample 07 - Master Data Editor
Sample 08 - Northwind
Sample 09 - Outlook Integration
Sample 10 - 10 Steps for Developers
Sample 11 - 11 Steps for Advanced Users
Sample 12 - Using JSON
Sample 13 - Tests
Sample 14 - Dynamic Columns
Sample 15 - VBA
Sample 16 - Symbol Lists
Sample 17 - Budget Request
Sample 18 - Reports
Sample 20 - Cube App

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