Translating Columns and Parameters
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Translating Columns and Parameters

SaveToDB products show by default native column and parameter names from databases and other data sources like, for example, account_id or company_id.

You can add translated names to the xls.translations table.

For example:

 s02usp_cash_by_monthscompany_idenCompany Id
 s02usp_cash_by_monthscompany_idesID de empresa
 s02usp_cash_by_monthscompany_idfrID de l'entreprise

Use two characters of the language code in the LANGUAGE_NAME field.

You can leave the table name blank to apply the translated name to all objects in the schema by default.

You can disable translating columns and parameters for an object using the DoNotTranslate event type in the xls.handlers table.

SaveToDB and DBEdit users must choose the required data language in the Options dialog box and reload data and configuration to get the translated names.

To get the translated names in DBGate and ODataDB, use the URLs with the desired language.

For example, try these with DBGate:

or these with ODataDB:

Using Translated Descriptions and Comments

SaveToDB products show translated descriptions in the header comments or tooltips.

SaveToDB products ignore TRANSLATED_COMMENTS values for columns or parameters.