Upgrading SaveToDB 7 to SaveToDB 8-10
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Upgrading SaveToDB 7 to SaveToDB 8-10

This topic describes technical details about upgrading configured SaveToDB 7 applications to SaveToDB 8-10.

If you use the default SaveToDB features only, you can upgrade the SaveToDB add-in without worries.

Here are key differences introduced in SaveToDB 8 comparing to the previous versions:

  • SaveToDB 8 loads definitions of all database objects using the Reload Data and Configuration menu item.
  • SaveToDB 8 creates automatic configurations of saving changes, event handlers, and parameter value queries.
  • SaveToDB 8 has a changed default query list, xls.queries.
  • SaveToDB 8 has a new SaveToDB Framework with a different structure.
  • SaveToDB 8 applies the xls.objects settings for all query lists by default.

SaveToDB 8 is a big step forward as it creates typical configurations automatically analyzing database metadata and object definitions.

However, the first three features above can add unwanted features to your applications configured for the previous versions.

For example, a read-only view can become editable, or a foreign key column with id values can get a validation list from the primary key table.

These features are useful. However, you can disable them if required.

To disable these features, use new types of event handlers: DoNotSave and DoNotAddValidation.

Upgrading SaveToDB Framework 7

SaveToDB Framework 8 was completely redesigned to make it simple and easy to learn.

It has six objects instead of 16. Also, it has the same object names on all supported database platforms.

SaveToDB Framework 10 has new additional views to select the configuration for available schemas only.

SaveToDB 8-10 support SaveToDB Frameworks 5-7 and have removed support for SaveToDB Frameworks 1-4.

SaveToDB 7.31 supports SaveToDB Frameworks 8-10.

So, if you can migrate your applications to a newer framework staying with SaveToDB 7.31, or migrate to SaveToDB 8-10 remaining with SaveToDB Framework 7.

However, we recommend upgrading to SaveToDB 10 and SaveToDB Framework 10 to get all the features.

Here is a mapping of Framework objects and roles:

SaveToDB Framework 5-7SaveToDB Framework 8-9SaveToDB Framework 10
dbo01.viewQueryListxls.queries (view)xls.queries (view)
xls01.viewQueryListxls.queries (view)xls.view_queries

Here are key differences:

  • SaveToDB Framework 8-10 has a single xls.handlers table instead of dbo01.EventHandlers and dbo01.ParameterValues.
  • SaveToDB Framework 8-10 has a single xls.translations table instead of dbo01.ObjectTranslation and dbo01.ColumnTranslation.
  • SaveToDB 8 has no views and procedures except xls.queries.
  • SaveToDB 10 has new views and procedures similar to SaveToDB Framework 7 ones.

To migrate from the SaveToDB Framework 5-7 to SaveToDB Framework 8, do the following steps using the Application Installer wizard:

  1. Install SaveToDB Framework 8.
  2. Export current settings to SaveToDB Framework 8 (select SaveToDB Framework 7 and Upgrade 7.x to 8.0).
  3. Remove SaveToDB Framework 7.

To upgrade SaveToDB Framework 8 to SaveToDB Framework 10, do the following steps using the Application Installer wizard:

  1. Select SaveToDB Framework 8 and upgrade SaveToDB Framework 8x to 819(90).
  2. Select SaveToDB Framework 10 and upgrade SaveToDB Framework 90 to 100.