Value Lists Using Tables and Views

Value Lists Using Tables and Views

You can use tables and views to select parameter values, validation lists, and selection lists.

Here is a sample configuration in the xls.handlers table:

 s02usp_cashbookcompany_idValidationLists02companiesTABLEid, +name
 s02usp_cashbookcompany_idParameterValuess02companiesTABLEid, +name

Pay attention to the HANDLER_CODE values: id, +name.

This code defines select columns and the sort order.

SaveToDB and DBEdit execute the following command for this declaration:

SELECT id, name FROM s02.companies ORDER BY name

ODataDB publishes such validation lists as FunctionImports that return collections of read-only EntitySets.

ODataDB names such FunctionImports like s02_companies_select_id_name_order_by_name.

DBGate publishes such validation lists with the system $select and $orderBy parameters like


Values lists can be filtered or dynamic and accept one, two, or three columns.

See Filtered vs. Dynamic Lists.