The xls.formats contains table formats.

SaveToDB products load tables formats when a user connects to an object for the first time.

The SaveToDB add-in also allows loading and saving table formats anytime using the following ribbon controls:

  • Save Table Format
  • Reload Table Format
  • Table Format Wizard

The table has the following structure:

<schema><object name><XML format><app>

The APP field, added in SaveToDB Framework 10, can contain values:

  • NULL
  • dbedit
  • dbgate
  • odatadb

The SaveToDB add-in allows saving table formats. The formats can be stored in tables directly or using stored procedures.

The stored procedures must have the following parameters: schema, name, excelFormatXML, and app.

The excelFormatXML parameter gets a value in XML format or NULL (to remove the format).

You can use the predefined procedures from the SaveToDB Framework Extension.

To load and save formats, the add-in selects the most suitable objects.

You can define load and save format objects using the LoadFormat and SaveFormat event handlers in the xls.handlers table.

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