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The xls.objects table allows configuring the following features:

  • Saving changes
  • Merging data
  • Defining objects based on SQL codes
  • Defining objects based on HTTP commands
  • Defining objects based on text file queries
  • Hiding objects from users

The table has the following structure:


The table has two logical parts.

The left part is used to specify configured objects.

<schema><table name>TABLE
<schema><view name>VIEW
<schema><procedure name>PROCEDURE
<schema><new name>CODE<SQL>
<schema><new name>HTTP<HTTP Command>
<schema><new name>TEXT<Text file query>
<schema><object name>HIDDEN

Objects defined using SQL codes, HTTP commands, or text file queries have nearly the same features as native database objects.

See additional details:

The right part is used to configure saving changes and merging data.

Below are available options:

<schema>.<table name><schema>.<table name><schema>.<table name>
<schema>.<view name><schema>.<view name><schema>.<view name>
<schema>.<procedure name><schema>.<procedure name><schema>.<procedure name>
<schema>.<procedure name>
<schema>.<table name>
<schema>.<view name>
<schema>.<procedure name>
<HTTP Command><HTTP Command><HTTP Command>

See additional notes: