Workbook Information Dialog Box
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Workbook Information Dialog Box

The Workbook Information dialog box shows various information about the workbook and loaded server-side configurations.

Loaded Configurations

SaveToDB Workbook Information - Loaded Configurations

This table shows loaded configuration objects.

Data Tables

SaveToDB Workbook Information - Data Tables

This table shows connected tables of the active workbook.

Database Objects

SaveToDB Workbook Information - Database Objects

This table shows objects of the loaded query lists.

Event Handlers

SaveToDB Workbook Information - Event Handlers

This table shows loaded event handlers.

Workbook Definition

SaveToDB Workbook Information - Workbook Definition

This page shows the active workbook definition.

Developers can use it to allow users to create workbooks using the Application Workbooks wizard.


SaveToDB Workbook Information - Culture Settings

This page shows the current culture settings.

Please send these data to support if the add-in does not detect your culture settings correctly.


SaveToDB Workbook Information - Error Log

This page shows important messages only.

You can use a regular log to get more information. See Developer Options.