Cursors and Fields

Cursors and Fields

The SaveToDB add-in allows using Excel named cells as fields to get and set the active table row values.

The cell name must follow the rule: field_<Excel table name>_<column name>

For example, if you have a table like "Orders", you can use a name like "field_Orders_OrderID".

The add-in will update the value when you select a cell in a new row of the Orders table.

The add-in allows highlighting active table rows. Use the Add Cursor item of the Developer Tools menu.

Also, the add-in allows using named cells as parameters. For example, you can add a name like "OrderID" to the cell.

As a result, the add-in will reload all queries that have the OrderID parameter.

It is a simple way to create master-details forms.

Here is a sample:

Example of Using Cursors and Fields

You can try Sample 08 - Northwind Orders.xlsx from the Online Examples of the Wizards menu.

You can easily create form fields using the Add Form Fields item of the Developer Tools menu.

Define cell names using the Define Name button in the Excel Formulas menu. Omit spaces in field names.

You can find more details about using named cells in the Developer Guide.