Showing Images in Excel

Showing Images in Excel

The SaveToDB add-in allows showing images from the web and databases.

Web Images

The SaveToDB add-in detects URLs with the jpg, jpeg, gif, and png extensions, downloads, and shows images.

Below is a sample table that contains image URLs from LinkedIn:

Example of Using Photos from the Web

The SaveToDB add-in caches loaded images. You can clean the cache using the Clean Image Cache Folder button in the Options dialog box.

Images from Databases

The SaveToDB add-in automatically shows images from database tables and views if it detects a binary column with images.

Developers can use SQL queries and stored procedures to show images in other cases. See Developer Guide.

Here is a sample of showing photos from a database:

Example of Loading Photos from Databases

You can try Sample 08 - Northwind from the Online Examples of the Wizards menu.

Working with Context Task Panes

The SaveToDB add-in shows images in the context task panes.

To show an image for the first time, select a new row in a table. The add-in updates images on the Excel SelectionChange event.

You can dock task panes to the right or left sides, top or bottom.

If you close a task pane, you can activate it again using the Show Context Task Panes item of the Options menu.

To reopen a set of context task panes, close all of them and use the Show Context Task Panes item.

Task panes are worksheet-related. The add-in hides and opens task panes automatically when a user selects a new worksheet.